Tofu skin rolls

There is a large variety of tofu, not only in China, but in whole Asia, one of the most interesting type is tofu skin (Chinese 腐皮 fǔpí).  Texture and consistency of it is much different than for the one which is used for example in traditional well know ‘mapo doufu’ (Chinese麻婆豆腐 ). Tofu skin is like pancakes…  Therfore  I used it to prepare tofu skin rolls, filled with eggplants, spinach and mung bean sprouts. Very simple quick and tasty. Great as a started for oriental dinner. For two tofu skin rolls you need:

  • one small eggplant, cutted into 4 cm long pieces, I prefer to use Chinese eggplants which are not bitter
  • blanched spinach,
  • tofu skin
  • mung bean sprouts
  • garlic, chili, pepper, soya souce, oil
  • and few toothpick, (just to put the skin rolls together)

Fry eggplants till it’s soft, at the end add blanched spinach, bean sprouts, chopped garlic, chili, pepper and soya souce. After mixing all the ingriediens, prepare two squared tofu skin, I used quite small size 8 cm x 8 cm. Fill it with the fried ingriediens, put it together using toothpick, finally fry it on one table spoon of oil, just till the tofu skin will get gold color.

Remember to remove toothpick before serving, you may also decorate it with black sesame seeds!

Bon apetite!


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